What features will iPhone hold in 100 years and its uses?



  Changes in iPhone has left this world in awethat it developed curiosity among people of what to expect from iPhone in near future.


  Making a creative bubble of this world in 100 years probably means flying cars, underwater cities and a completely digital world. Technology advancement on daily basis has paved way for the new era to begin. What will iPhone look like in 100 years from now has left our mind in a state of confusion? Future iPhones will evolve from cellphone to wearable items; they will come back in form of wrist accessories. We would not need to keep them in pocket; we could carry them around attached to our wrists charged by solar energy and not with batteries. They will be foldable not in their regular solid size. Moreover, they will have a voice command feature which will sense our thoughts. For instance if we wish to talk to a friend, it will automatically dial that contact’s number and will connect to it. We would not need to keep phone on ear. We can talk in a random gesture as if a friend is sitting nearby. Some other features are listed below.


Future iPhone will have Li-Fi:

In 100 years of time, there will be no such thing as Wi-Fi; instead Li-Fi will take over. It is a method of transmitting data through medium of light which will be trillion times faster than Wi-Fi. Not only this, bulky files will be downloaded in nanoseconds.


Wraparound displays:

Apple patent issued highlights that future iPhone could include wraparound displays. It means that future screen will be enough flexible to be folded in front and back. Moreover the graphics will also tend to appear on front and back side both in continuous loop manner which will look quite attractive. Hence, the user will not need to change position of his gadget.


Physical attack detection feature:

This feature will be linked to software which will sense any emergency situation like car crash or any accident etc. and will accordingly contact or dial nearby living people by using GPS location. This will be really beneficial for future users since this innovation feature will help to reduce risk of major accidents.

Eye-Command Feature:

This feature will involve glasses which will record all the data we wish from our iPhone and will play it in front our eyes whenever we want to. Also, those glasses will be charged from the heat of our eyes. And in 100 years, we would not have to touch on screen to type a message or to operate any application. We can just look at the desired icon and the device will function and adjust accordingly by the movement of our lenses. We can just look at alphabets to type a message.

Author’s bio: The author of this post, Ellie Grace is currently studying media communications from USA and spreads her time bar in writing blogs. Hirepaperwriter.com


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