Want discounted Windows phone prices in UAE?

Although there are a lot of phones on the market, not all of them are affordable to buy. Some of the phones cost you more than you can imagine. Newly-launched Lamborghini smartphone is the most expensive. However, all Lumia phones are placed at affordable prices so that you can easily get them. Since the inception of Lumia phones, now phone lovers can easily choose affordable prices. These phones are not inferior to any other phone on the market. All Microsoft-branded Windows phones are good phones. If you are looking for a good and affordable, you should consider buying Lumia 535.


With the launch of rid-range Lumia 535, Microsoft is targeting to the wider possible market. This is really a tricky strategy to assume more share in the market. So, Microsoft is going to win a good place on the market. Moreover, Microsoft is now focusing on improving megapixels of the camera. Some of the recent Microsoft phones are packed with 20 megapixels of the camera. Moreover, there are several other options of Lumia phones. From 4 inches to 6 inches large displays, you can choose any size that is fit for you. There are also a lot of choices of storage capacity. When it comes to Windows phone prices in UAE, you do not have to invest much. There are good discounts available online. If you visit Crazydeals.com, you will surely be more than happy to get hands on the best discounts ever. Let’s discuss Microsoft Lumia 535 in details here.

Price, specifications and features of Lumia 535:

As far as the price of Lumia 535 is concerned, the aforementioned store has announced 33% off on it. It means that you can buy Lumia 535 at just 469 AEDs. Hence, the online store helps you save 230 AEDs easily and effortlessly.

Apart from good price, there are many good specs as well. Besides 4.3 inches large display, there is 8 GB internal storage coupled with 1 GB RAM. Plus, there are 5 megapixels rear and front camera. The battery life also lasts for 78 hours easily. So, what else are you looking for?


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