Cheap Mobile Phones In UAE- Opt The Exclusive One

When it comes to technology, patience often pays. The high end always ends up affordable, and mobile phones are no exception to the rule. In recent months, there had been convincing cheap mobile phones below 1000 AED, but who is the king? We selected Alcatel mobile to be one in the market. There are only a few months; you could still think that 4G fascinated as wealthy in the first place. Yet between packages without commitment inexpensive and compatible smartphones, the time is now to democratization.


As mobile operators, major manufacturers probably hoped to take advantage of 4G to give yourself a few months respite in the war between them to low-cost manufacturers. The first cities have had no choice but to eventually integrate virtually no extra cost access to mobile broadband in their offers, shattering their hopes of recreating significantly in value in this way. A real blow comes with cheap mobile phones. As for manufacturers, they also found that the battle of tariffs was already lost since the first affordable 4G smartphones have started to appear late last year, especially with the Alcatel OneTouch Idol S. At the same time, slightly older models like the LG Optimus F6 and Sony Xperia SP logically have seen their prices fall over time.

Besides Idol S mentioned just now, we find the Sony Xperia SP, Nokia Lumia 625, Asus and LG Optimus F6 in this tariff zone. Note that in the batch, only the first two enjoy an HD screen. This trend will obviously continue and even strengthen in the coming months. Huawei has indeed announced its Ascend Android that also has an HD screen. Finally, cheap mobile phones in UAE manufacturers should not delay joining in the dance.

Among the major cheap mobile phones manufacturers, only Sony, Nokia and LG are already playing the game of economic 4G. Others continue to make resistance. With HTC Desire, 601 is still sold despite its modest specifications.

  • Samsung side, the 4G models leading manufacturer rarely trades.
  • The Motorola Moto G 4G, first, a Smartphone without concessions.  If to amuse, this phone has fully convinced us. It’s beautiful screen to side the Internet comfortably. His camera captures some nice images.  Attention here we test the model second generation of Moto G 4G has a 5-inch screen.
  • The Huawei G620s, then, is a good choice for moderate use, with an unbeatable price. It’s the simplified menus especially destined to beginners. It allows to comfortably surf the Internet, to play, watch, enjoy videos and take pictures fairly right. True, the look is not fancy and his massive size night comfort in hand. But at that price, it would be wrong to be that fastidious.

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