The Intex ECO 105 Black is a wonderful little phone

If you are interested in buying cheap phones in Dubai from prominent sites like and prefer an Intex device then here is a suggestion: Buy the Intex ECO 105 Black. Take note of the fact that the product is not only simple to use, but is also adorable in looks. And many of its users have stated that it is one of the easiest devices to understand. And here is a look at it:


It’s simple nature is its primary strength

Take note of the fact that alongside other phones that come at an affordable price in the Middle-Eastern region, this item is rather compact as it has a short size. Surely, this is great news for those who often place their phones in their short dress pockets. Also, because of its camera, you can record some fine quality videos at QVGA resolution @15fps.

This mobile phone is counted among those cheap phones in Dubai that comes in an adorable black color, which is truly superb. And this is often difficult to find in other mobile phones. And the phone is counted among those exclusive products that offers you Bluetooth V2.1, which means that you will have good connectivity options with you. So, isn’t this great?

The mobile has a durable screen that lets you view all of your pictures in a fine manner. And it won’t get severely damaged by any minor fall. Lastly, if you have decided to buy the Intex ECO 105 Black, you should read several of its reviews that are present throughout the internet. And by doing so, you might come across some interesting points that will help you in making use of the device in the best of ways. This regardless of the fact whether you use it at any location. Besides this, note that you can also gift this item to any loved one who is looking for cheap phones in Dubai.


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