Latest Mobile Prices in Dubai: Prices and Specifications of Top Huawei Smartphones

Huawei is one of the best mobile phone manufacturers. It is a Chinese Company and over the past few years, this brand of mobile phone has established itself as one of the best in the world. It comprises one of the best smartphone devices at quite an affordable price. It has manufactures mobile phone for all age groups of people. In this blog, we are going to introduce some of the best smartphones Huawei has manufactured at a very reasonable price. You can visit our online store at and check the latest mobile prices in Dubai.


Huawei Y6 Pro 16GB 4G LTE Dual SIM Grey

This smartphone device is available at our online store for just AED499.00. It comprises some of the best features to ease your life. One of the best features of this Huawei smartphone version is the built-in 3G technology which can be very handy for you, especially if you want to stay in constant touch with other people. Even if you are not at your home, you can still stay in touch with other people using Whatsapp and Viber. It also features 16GB of memory space to allow you to store lots of songs, videos, movies and photos. To make things simpler for you, it has touch screen technology which is very easy and user-friendly. With touch screen, all you need to do is tap on the icons of installed applications of your smartphone. In order to allow you to manage your contacts, this phone also has dual SIM. If you think the price is too much, keep reading to find more information about another latest version of Huawei smartphone.

Huawei Y635 4GB 4G LTE Dual SIM White

If you think the price charged for the above discussed smartphone version is too much, let us share some of the best features of Huawei Y635 which you can buy at our online store for just AED349.00. It has all the features that you usually need when using a smartphone device. The only thing which is lacking is the size of data storage capacity with 4GB, but apart from that, this phone has a very reasonable price.

Please visit us at to find the latest mobile prices in Dubai.


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