Ridiculously Discounted Smart Phone

Whereas thousands of both simple and smart phones have adorned the market, the prices linger on to be expensive. From Samsung, LG to Apple and Huawei, the prices are not likely to come down. It is believed that these brands do not feel threatened by launch of less expensive brands of smart phones. It is therefore argued that new brands should also be given space on the market. It will not only help us get good discounts but it will also help us get good innovation and technology every year. Once such innovative phone is Asus A501CG 16GB price in Dubai that can be shopped online.


When it comes to buying branded phones, the first and foremost thing is to consider the operating system of the phone. Since there are various choices of the operating systems, you will have to understand what OS suits you. As far as Asus phone is concerned, it is integrated with Android operating system that allows you download various and as many apps as you like. On top of that, it is a user friendly operating system. Once you got hands on Android smart phone like this, you would definitely fall in love with it.

As far as Asus A501CG 16GB price in Dubai is concerned, it is really heartening to let you know that it is as much affordable as 42% off, making it easy for you to afford it. Thanks to online store, you can avail an amazing discount of 500 AEDs. On top of that, it is really easy to shop online. All you are supposed to do is to add your desired phone to the cart and you will be delivered at your doorstep. You can pay on receiving your parcel in one piece. Some of the leading features of this phone are 5 inches large display screen, 8 GB of internal memory coupled with 2 GB RAM and 8 mega pixels of rear camera coupled with 2 mega pixels of front camera.

Last but not least, you are highly recommended to buy Asus A501CG 16GB price in Dubai on just 699 AEDs right now.


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