Blackberry Z10 in Dubai at up to 36% discount!

Although Android Smartphones are pushing hard to sport all possible features, which is not possible because when it comes to technology; sky is the limit. As the competition for better technology is going on, it is far better for everybody of us. You will also be familiar with several operating systems in smart phones where Blackberry is leading the march. It goes without saying that Blackberry Smartphones have always been on the front to help people get access to better technology. Here, we will be looking at some important features of Blackberry Smartphones and Blackberry Z10 in Dubai, in particular.


What are the standalone features of Blackberry Smartphones?

With Blackberry generation of phones, you are likely to step up on secure and more innovative technology; be it classic design or number of apps, Blackberry is featured with all wonderful features of 21st century. Since there is already a rage in the market, Blackberry has brought to its users wonderful apps such as BBM to secure and personalize their communication and seamless security system. Blackberry Z10 in Dubai is a living example.

What are the features, specifications and prices of Blackberry Z10?

To begin with, Blackberry Z10 is launched in two individual colors such as black and white. Depending on its color, the price of the phone also varies. When it comes to the body of Blackberry Z10, it is weighs 137 grams which makes it a light device to carry around. With Blackberry Z10’s display of by 4.2 inches and 16M colors, it has been able to win over hearts of millions of its users worldwide. Perhaps, storage is one thing a Blackberry phone never compromises on as it is comprises 16GB internal memory and 2 GB RAM.

Don’t you think with primary and secondary camera of 8 mega pixels and 2 mega pixels respectively, it is sure to excite people? Yes, it is exactly something what Blackberry Z10 is doing! So, don’t wait for miracles to happen instead shop Blackberry Z10 in Dubai at discounted prices between 699 to 709 AEDs.


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