Samsung galaxy note 5: It may many surprising specs!

Getting tech news leaked required a good amount of money. There is nothing for free. Many brands even pay reviewers to give better reviews for their brands. Reviews are very tricky things. Can they be completely trusted? Well, the choice is yours.


Anyways, some of you might believe that Samsung has paid a great amount to reviewers at Forbes to write better about Samsung phones. But, it is surely not the reality. There are several reasons why we mean it. The foremost reason is that Forbes is the very trusted magazine which is read for tech news across the globe. This time, Forbes was ahead of all other review magazines when it comes to the release of Samsung galaxy note 5. There have been many rumors about this phone. It stirred up a lot of disgust and excitement alike. Those who were waiting for a better technology to come up were rejoicing in the festivity while others had their down when an upgrade of Note 4 came up.

The timing of the release is very interesting. It was released in the last week of July 2015. It was released ahead of the launch of iPhone 6S which was to appear in September.

If you are wondering about any major upgrade in the phone relative to Note 4. You will see that Note 5 has a sturdy design that is immune from breaking. It does not even get scratches. Another clear difference is “S Pen”. It is on the left side of the phone. Using this Pen, you can type on the “locked screen”. Hence, it is a courageous offer to the iPhone users as well. Let us look at its specs, briefly.

The list of the major specs includes 5.7 inches display, 32 GB ROM coupled with 4 GB RAM, 16 megapixels rear plus 5 megapixels front camera, and the latest version of Android Lollipop. It boils down to mean that it is a complete entertainment device. It meets expectations of every type of user.

In a nutshell, the Samsung galaxy note 5 price in UAE is 12% off on the online store. So, trick the chance!


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