Considerably Incredible yet Cheap Mobile Phones Dubai

If you wish to know about the tips and tricks of how to buy cheap mobile phones Dubai, we shall help you to choose it. There is no need to hide that LG had more or less copied the form factor of the Galaxy S4, but by perfecting. For a smartphone of the same size, LG came to thin the edges of the screen up and rethink how to handle a smartphone by placing the volume keys and ignition back. In terms of components, the screen of the LG G2 is a size of 5.2 inches and is in the Full-HD definition. Better than the Galaxy S4 with its S600, the G2 processor is none other than the excellent Snapdragon 800. He is accompanied by 2GB of RAM and 16GB of internal memory. Its 13-megapixel camera was the first to host the optical stabilization. The LG G2 is compatible 4G LTE and offers improved battery 3000 mAh.


As we approach the Galaxy S6 mini market, it was logical that the price positioning of the Galaxy Mini S5 would decline, but at this point!  Giant in size but small in price, the Sony Xperia Z Ultra climbs into the cheap mobile phones. If you are in search of a giant Phablet, the Xperia Z Ultra maybe you could agree with a water resistance of functions specific to the brand and a user interface of the Android Stock version. Also taken over twice this giant Phablet is rather pleasant to handle with a huge screen that allows you to view multimedia content easily through superior battery 3000 mAh. Once again, the version of Android 4.4 lacks. That said, Sony mobile has ensured that Android 5.0 was in development.

On the hardware side, the Xperia Z Ultra is advanced with a 6.4-inch display in Full-HD. Its processor is none other than the stunning 800 Snapdragon four heart always on the page. This is followed by 2GB of RAM and 16GB of internal memory (expandable via micro SD). His camera is indeed made by Sony with about 8 megapixels. It also supports 4G LTE and offers a battery with a capacity of 3050 mAh correct. Now you know the one to choose from these incredible yet cheap mobile phones.


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