Samsung Galaxy S6: The Eye-Catcher

The eyeful: it is a historical force from Samsung that the manufacturer controls its components. Dalles, SoC, NFC chip, RAM or Nand, there are many in this Samsung galaxy S6. And among these components, there is a magnificent screen. Generation after generation Samsung pushes the limits of its expertise in the display. The S5 was already the best last year, again the Galaxy S6 excels. We pass on the marketing pitch Quad HD (2560 x 1440 pixels or 577 PPI on a 5.1”), it is the intrinsic quality of the slab and processing software that will capture the retina.  A rear facade that despite an oleophobic treatment will keep it with fingerprints. To limit the visual impact of these traces, it will favor the white version, it’s good, that’s the one you prefer.


Design and finishing

Another offbeat in design is the block camera that sacrificed for the sake of the fineness to exceed by nearly 2 mm of the back cover. More annoying, the prominent camera block has a plastic rim and seems quite sensitive to friction or small shock.  For it is, especially rare solid impression, emerges from this Samsung galaxy S6, cracking under the fingers of any game. On the mechanical keys, the assembly is remarkable. S6 is lighter than its plastic predecessor, 138 g against 145 for the Galaxy S5. Samsung continues the trend of “almost borderless” popularized, and reduces borders around the screen, and it makes up less than lost to the screen in front.


Samsung galaxy S6 is super AMOLED, contrast, deep black infinity and color saturation. The processing software is there to correct the excesses. Simply switch from “Basic” to “Adaptive Display” mode to be convinced. On a warm color, pulling saturated yellow, a more neutral white is obtained, the S6 is better than the S5 with its white pulling blue. Android becomes more intuitive and more easily accessed to the desired application. The power user of Android will enjoy this logic closer to the “Pure Android” and iOS users should find their marks. Especially as Samsung has done things to facilitate the switch to S6 with its recovery given from iCloud or via USB OTG.


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