Fetching The Harmony Of LG G4 Dubai LG G4 In UAE

Are you awestruck by the LG G4 Dubai LG G4 in UAE? This Smartphone is the first of its kind to offer a genuine leather back cover. It is also equipped with a new generation of display and a high-performance image sensor. The cell phone offers a good battery life when it is used very little: minute voice, screen off and more than 12 hours in very light use, screen on is way better. But the frantic users will be quickly disappointed as the G4 battery drains very quickly when in actual activity. In practice, if the device easily holds a long daylight use, it will run the recharge early evening if used more intensively. In fact, the two Cortex-A57 cores are far too inefficient. We are also surprised that the G4 does not disable its processor cores when not used.

The LG G4 is one of the most surprising smartphones of 2015. The display screen is a remarkable step forward for IPS technology and the performance photo revive, the race for the image quality, especially in low light. Not to mention its hull leather, which proves to be a credible alternative to metal. Too bad the camera does not offer a stronger autonomy for the most addicted to their Smartphone users, who are most likely to buy a top model. Grab the LG G4 Dubai LG G4 in UAE now!

Let us quickly look leather finish; a choice that undeniably a small effect. LG seems to have worked hard to offer genuine leather – and therefore a real differentiating style on the circuit – rather than apply a finish as liked to make up Samsung there is very little time. The seams are real and some smell faintly perceptible skin is present.


However, we noted a slight fairly rapid deterioration of the leather back. Transported a few days in a pocket of a jeans jacket and classic, the hull is already showing small signs of fatigue on the corners. It will also seek to limit the strokes on the structure. The leather in essence and therefore can score quickly become damaged. The metal hull seems to favor, in the long term. Now you know why you would wish to explore the LG G4 Dubai LG G4 in UAE?


Once again, LG birth to a beautiful touch screens. The new generation of IPS panel allows, as the LG promises and as we have been able to verify in our eyes and probes, a contrast much better, deep blacks and increased brightness.


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